The Research Center for Property Assessment System (RECPAS) is a foundation which was established on May 1978, in cooperation with the National Governors' Association, the Japan Association of City Mayors, and the National Association of Towns and Villages. The objectives of RECPAS are to conduct research on asset valuation in relation to asset taxation in local taxes and to share our resources with both the central government and the local governments for promoting their measures. Later, based on the Act on General Incorporated Associations and General Incorporated Foundations, RECPAS newly started as a general incorporated foundation in April 2013.

RECPAS has all the local governments as members and acts as their common organization of research to accomplish their objectives. The results are provided to and utilized by local public governments.
RECPAS conducts research on the state of asset taxation by local governments, such as property tax, city planning tax, and real estate acquisition tax, and research on the valuation of land, buildings, and depreciable assets. RECPAS also provides training for tax officers involved in asset valuation. In addition, RECPAS is actively promoting various projects such as material collection, publication a nationwide land price map and the provision of RECPAS NET as a place for local tax officials to exchange opinions.

Core Activities

I. Research Project


RECPAS conducts specialized surveys and researches on various issues related to the property tax system and asset valuation system by establishing a research committee composed of academic experts, local government officials, etc. In addition, RECPAS holds Annual Conference for Research on Valuation of Fixed Assets.

The themes of research project are as follows.

  1. Research on the valuation of land
  2. Research on the valuation of buildings
  3. Research on the future of Property Tax in Local Taxation
  4. Annual Conference for Research on Valuation of Fixed Assets
    In order to deepen the public's understanding of property tax assessments and promote cooperation among those involved in valuation, RECPAS holds a research conference every year in which local government officials, real estate appraisers, academic experts and others participate.

U Training seminar


RECPAS holds training seminars to improve the valuation skills of property tax officials of local governments. In addition, RECPAS dispatch instructors to training sessions organized by local governments and support training planning held in various regions.

  1. Seminar for Property Tax Administration
  2. Seminar for Fixed Asset Valuation Review Committee Management
  3. Practical training session for valuation of wooden buildings
  4. Practical training session for valuation of non-wooden buildings
  5. Practical training Session for valuation of land
  6. Practical training Session for valuation of depreciable assets

V Publication, Collection and Support of property tax-related materials


1.Issue of bimonthly magazine "Asset Valuation Information"
In order to provide information on asset valuation to property tax professionals and to contribute to promoting taxpayers' understanding of property tax, RECPAS issues bimonthly magazine "asset valuation information" and provide it to a wide range of stakeholders.

2.Issue of booklets that can be used as a reference for property tax and asset valuation
RECPAS issues booklets that can be used as a reference for property tax and asset valuation, including the "Property Tax Guide," which explains property tax and asset valuation in an easy-to-understand manner, and provide them widely to taxpayers and property tax professionals.

3.Collection and provision of fixed asset tax-related information, etc.
RECPAS collects and classifies various types of materials related to property tax and asset valuation, and provides information to taxpayers and local governments using RECPAS’s website. "RECPAS-NET - Property Tax Conference Room" is used to provide a place for local government employees to exchange opinions.

4. Survey of the current status of property tax in other countries
RECPAS conducts survey the current state of property tax in other countries.

5. Building valuation support project
In addition to developing a non-wooden building valuation support system (clear calculation), RECPAS prepares and distributes materials related to building evaluation, etc.

※Development of "Non-wooden Building Valuation Support System (Clear Calculation)" nicknamed RECPAS AUTO 5 (LGWAN・AI-OCR)
The clear calculation of non-wooden structures in the valuation of buildings is an issue due to the large number of medium- and large-sized buildings to be evaluated and the large amount of work per building, so RECPAS is working on the development of a system for "RECPAS AUTO 5 (LGWAN・AI-OCR)". By introducing this system, which consists of a quotation reading process and a valuation criterion linking calculation process, it is expected to reduce the burden on the site and improve work efficiency. RECPAS released it in 2022.

V. Distribution and disclosure of National Land Price Map as Property Valuation Materials


1. Distribution of information on property valuation materials such as land price map
Information that municipalities should disclose, such as property valuation standards of fixed asset tax, is aggregated in electronic data, and electronic data of official evaluated land price such as land value of standard site by central government, land value of standard sites by prefectural government, and inheritance tax property valuation standards and the latest "background map" data are added to it, and compiled on a DVD-ROM on prefectural basis and distributed to local governments.

2. Information disclosure through the "National Land Price Map"
RECPAS issues a "National Land Price Map" on the RECPAS website that displays information on official evaluated land price on a map.

Organization Chart