I. Researches and Studies

    The Research Center conducts researches and studies necessary to grasp status of on lands, buildings and depreciable properties as well as basic theories and systems of property assessment and technics for accurate and efficient valuations.
    At present, our study fields include "general issues of valuation of fixed assets", "property assessment systems", "appraisal of lands", "appraisal of buildings", and "appraisal of depreciable properties". In addition to the above five fields, "property tax in local taxation" has also been studied, and a professional study group (committee) is established in each field.
The Research Center also periodically holds "Research Conference for Valuation of Fixed Assets "to promote studies of property assessment.

  1. General Issues of Valuation of Fixed Assets
   "The Research Committee for Asset Valuation System" analyzes the current circumstances and problems regarding the existing valuation rules of fixed assets. Comparing with foreign valuation systems, the committee also studies general issues of property valuations.

2. Property Assessment Systems
   "The Research Committee for Property Assessment Systems" conducts general study of electronic operating systems to urge simplification of administrations and fair valuations.

3. Appraisal of Lands
   "The Research Committee for Land Related Matters" studies the equalization of valuation of fixed assets, factors of land price formation, and land appraisal methods.

4. Appraisal of Buildings
   "The Research Committee for Building Related Matters" studies the actual situation regarding the costs and facilities of constructions. The committee also collects general references and study on simplification of valuation standards.

5. Appraisal of Depreciable Properties"
   "The Research Committee for Depreciable Properties" studies about the declaration of depreciable properties as well as simplification of tax payment procedures.

6. Property Tax in Local Taxation
   "The Research Committed for Property Tax in Local Taxation" analyzes the future of the real estate tax.

7. Research Conference for Valuation of Fixed Assets
   The center holds the research conferences with the participation of officials of local public entities and scholars. In the conferences, lecture meetings, sectional meetings, and panel discussions are held under themes such as valuations of fixed assets and issues of the real estate tax.
   The objectives of the conference is to promote studies in fields of valuations of fixed assets and the real estate tax, to enhance understandings among the general public, and to promote mutual cooperation among the related entities.

II. Research and Collection of References

   To contribute to the formation of theories of property taxes including valuation of fixed assets, the Research Center collects various related books and data at home and abroad.

  1. Literature and data regarding valuation of fixed assets
   Collection of books and data that contribute to the formation of theories of property taxes including valuation of fixed assets at home and abroad.

2. Response to the Information Society
   The Research Center promotes the formation of database and network of information regarding assessment. It serves as an information center for the local public entities and its functions have been improving.

III. Training Seminars

  1. Training Seminars
   The Research Center holds about 30 training seminars per year so that those who are in charge of fixed assets valuation work can study and improve their appraisal techniques.

2. Development and Distribution of Training Materials
   The Research Center produces video tapes and slides regarding valuations and legal interpretations of fixed assets for training and provides them to local public entities.

IV. Enlightenment

  1. Publication of "Property Assessment Information"
   To promote the improvement of appraisal techniques, a bimonthly magazine "Property Assessment Information" is published and distributed to local public entities and other related institutions.
   The contents include papers regarding property assessment, examples of local assessment, revisions of assessment system, and references and statistics.

2. Development and Distribution of Enlightenment Kit for Property Assessment
   In addition to promoting the improvements of appraisal technics, the following activities are being done to educate the tax payers.
(1) Publication and distribution of "Guide to the Real Estate Tax"
(2) Provide local public entities with the excellent books regarding property assessment

V. Research of Present Situation of Fixed Assets

   To help municipalities grasp the present situations accurately and maintain fair taxation of the real estate tax, the Research Center disseminates of the "Standard Specification for the Research on Present Situation of Fixed Assets" (revised in March, 1999) which was developed to grasp the accurate tax objects in case of using the aerial photographs. The Research Center also conducts researches on present situations requested from municipalities by using the "Standard Specification".
   The committee for "Standardization of Research on Present Situation of Fixed Assets" reviews the "Standard Specification" in response to rapid development of computer technologies.

VI. Trust

 Upon request from central government or local public entities, the Research Center prepares general documents on estimated total amount of land properties for national economy statistics, revision of standard charts for fair reassessment.

Organization Chart